5 Best Budget Cars To Rent On The Gold Coast In 2021

A budget car never has to mean a bad car. There are many reasons why people choose to go for the economy option, and that is because they trust them to work. It is entirely possible to get a good deal and a great model while working within your budget – here are just a few of the best budget cars you can rent across the Gold Coast.

1. Toyota Tarago

Named after a town in New South Wales, the Tarago minivan can transport the whole family. Toyota regularly tops the charts in Australia – so you would be getting an experience designed by an industry leader. This model boasts eight seats and a high-power engine that allows it to compete with other great minivans – if you need a spacious people mover for your trip, you can’t go wrong with a Tarago.

2. Hyundai Accent

The Hyundai Accent has existed in some form since 1994, but every iteration upon the model has been highly popular in Australia. There’s a good reason for this – it’s the most dependable subcompact car on the market, a fact that has been officially recognised by analytics companies.

The Accent is best for those who want a nice and easy drive across the Gold Coast, whether that is alone or with up to three passengers. With its high reliability and good fuel economy, this is a great all-rounder car.

3. Mitsubishi Outlander

If you’re looking for a Sport Utility Vehicle, you might be after the Outlander. While it is big enough to fit up to five adults, don’t let this fool you; it can still handle itself extremely well on any terrain. It can do this because of the high tensile strength steel from which it was constructed, letting it be bulky yet flexible.

If you expect to take the family off-road for your trip, the Outlander SUV is a wonderful pick.

4. Nissan Tiida

The Tiida is named after the Okinawan word for ‘sun’ – and you would be surprised how fitting that is. This compact car is perfect for a rural drive to soak up the beauty and weather of the Gold Coast with the whole family, and also boasts a lot of storage space should you need it.

The Tiida is quite a cheap model for what it offers, and that is an idyllic holiday experience that allows you to take in the scenery.

5. Mitsubishi 380

Another Mitsubishi car, this time a mid-size sedan. This was designed in Australia for Australia, so you can be confident that it’s perfectly suited to traversing our beautiful country. The 380 is no longer manufactured, so you would be driving a limited-edition piece of Australia’s automobile history. Perfect for the motorways and built for Australian conditions, this could be a pivotal element of your authentic holiday experience.

At Economy Rental Cars, we stock all of the above and more. With generous prices and decades of experience, we are committed to making sure you can drive a dependable and affordable rental car for your holiday (or even just for a day). Let us know your needs and we will set about finding the car for you.

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